Ogilvy Malta help to deliver the Alter Domus brand, by bringing the brand to life in a new building.

The financial services jurisdiction and Alter Domus in particular have been through a period of constant change within the last five years due to a number of reasons including technology developments and continuing alignment of international financial services entities to the regulatory requirements. Practitioners and operators have been though new challenges that encouraged the generation of a new kind of business model based on high-growth; Alter Domus grew under it’s founding Managing Director from 2 people in 2010 to close to 100 persons in November 2015, being more than 10% of the global workforce and the 2nd largest office after the Luxembourg HQ.

At the same time enlightened financial services operators like Alter Domus have received the influence of marketing and branding professionals, and with time have adapted profitable concepts to set best standards in their respective fields. Alter Domus as a leading fund services provider decided to raise the bar on internal branding by engaging Ogilvy to interpret the brand at the company’s showcase Malta office in the heart of the emerging financial district at Mriehel.

On completion of the project staff and clients demonstrated significant levels of brand commitment, which is considered an internal branding goal. Ogilvy’s design team took the initial brief in early August and worked throughout the hottest summer month to deliver an integrated building design covering the building facade, underground parking, hallways, lifts, reception and 4 floors of offices covering over 5000 square metres, including a dedicated incubator for Alter Domus clients. This design was cleared for production at the end of August 2015.

By mid-September 2015 the Ogilvy Production Team led by Director Marcus Ward had begun the first installations using high-tech materials like brushed aluminium, glass and steel.

This Ogilvy Malta case not only confirms that financial services firms are in fact developing successful internal branding strategies, but also revealed that they are being successful in the achievement of employees’ brand commitment. Ogilvy CEO Edwin Ward said, “Alter Domus have 75 billion euros under administration, they are evolving sophisticated mechanisms in every part of their business, and we were very hearted by comments made to us by René Beltjens, Alter Domus Vice-Chairman at the launch of the new office complex commemorating the company’s fifth anniversary on the Maltese Islands. René said the building was in a class of its own in projecting the Alter Domus brand.”

At the October inauguration of the new building  Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said, “The reason many companies that used to operate in North Africa and the Middle-East are now basing themselves in Malta is not just the fact that we offer economic and political stability, but also because here they can obtain the services of high-calibre professionals and firms in the financial, accountancy, IT and legal spheres,” the Minister said. “Malta has become an ideal place from where companies can operate, and this is attracting all forms of investment to the country.”

Ogilvy Malta are delighted to be considered as one of those high-calibre professional firms through successful implementation of this complicated and time-sensitive project.