Using a variant to bolster the brand proposition.

Brand benefit tested poorly.

The launch of Aquafresh Extreme Clean Whitening variant in the Malta market was a business opportunity that needed to be exploited to reinforce the mother brand, Aquafresh. Up until that time, the benefit of the mother brand had not been successfully communicated to the target demographic of mothers and families due to budget shortfalls. Furthermore, the process of cementing the brand’s credibility with the medical/dental professions had not yet contributed to the trial of the brand by mothers.

Ogilvy briefed to generate increased trial and more profitable brand/consumer relationship

Aquafresh remains third behind Sensodyne, the market leader with Colgate as brand leader. The objective for Aquafresh was to consolidate and widen the gap as No.2 versus other brands against behind Colgate by building on its core brand equity of the triple-stripe benefit. These strong sensory, nontherapeutic credentials of protection were not being fully exploited to generate increased trial and a closer, more profitable brand/consumer relationship. Nevertheless, residual brand awareness remained strong thanks to an Aquafresh TVC aired during the previous year. This established a strong brand positioning for mothers: ‘Aquafresh remains the brand of toothpaste that provides complete oral protection for the family’ with a strong point of difference in the triple-stripe protection benefit built into the new variant’s launch campaign.

Brand Challenge was not only to develop creative work based on a strong Creative Strategy but to develop a 360 Degree communications campaign based on building a focus on both the core brand’s equities and on the new variant’s whitening benefit.

Campaign based on human insight

In the TV and press executions, Ogilvy took the girl’s provocative behaviour in the washroom mirror as proof of her white teeth and developed this concept into the first toothpaste brand to be advertised in women’s washrooms in Malta.

Aquafresh becomes a 360 Degree Campaign

The media strategy was to generate increased out-of-season share-of-voice in an otherwise dormant market in the hot months of July and August, attracting new, younger users to the Extreme Clean Whitening based on the whitening benefit. To build awareness and trial with our target market, the campaign included point-of-purchase materials in-store, press and print advertising as well as outdoor advertising.

Unit sales for the new sub-brand increase by 130%

The brand enjoyed a major increase in sales volumes not just for the new variant but a trickle-down effect for the mother brand’s sales performance, too. In fact, at the time of writing, the new variant was carrying the same sales volume as the mother brand’s volumes prior to the variant launch. Unit sales for the new sub-brand increased by 130% and a further five-fold increase was recorded on previous volumes for Aquafresh ten weeks after the close of the new Extreme Clean Whitening campaign.