You now have to decide what ‘image’ you want for your brand. Image means personality. Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them in the market place.

David Ogilvy

When engaging in promotion and marketing, local SME’s usually cannot invest substantial amounts in a large advertising campaign.

Maltese SME’s, however, may still publicise and promote themselves through other effective channels.

For instance, by participating in international exhibition activities through the delegations regularly organised by Malta Enterprise, FinanceMalta, Education Malta, Malta Tourism Authority and other entities as well as taking part in overseas exhibitions which may help to increase the exposure of their products and also provide an opportunity for SMEs to exchange views with overseas counterparts and gain inspiration for new ideas.

Local SME’s therefore can seize the opportunity to take part in various activities and market their products to overseas trade visitors, source business partners and buyers and explore new markets.

Ascent Software in Luqa has taken this approach for the last 10 years and has built a portfolio of international brands which have turned them into the most profitable IT business in Malta.

Their effective use of trade fairs, collaterals, editorial features in trade journals and exhibition catalogues together with dedicated commitment across digital channels has been instrumental in establishing their brands as credible alternatives in international markets, backed by Maltese entrepreneurial flair.

Ascent’s success is proof that Maltese SME’s can compete successfully in international markets and develop those markets to serve their base in Malta, creating local employment and earnings derived from outside the local economy.


By quickly mastering new opportunities in the digital and social media sphere, it is possible for brands to have a reach, and to build a responsive network of suppliers, staff, customers and stakeholders which put the SME-brand centre-stage at a fraction of the cost involved in traditional media channels such as television, newspapers or radio.