AXA:  from modest insurance agency to Malta’s national brand leader in awareness.

During the late 1990’s, Malta followed the worldwide pattern of buyouts and mergers, four local insurance agencies merged with a long-term view to eventually form a local company. The name Atlas was revived as a way of acknowledging the significance of the group’s history during a period of focus on future growth and opportunities.

Following AXA’s purchase of the Guardian Group, Atlas Insurance Agency became agents for AXA Insurance plc and merged with Capital Insurance Agency, previously agents for AXA Assurances. It subsequently also became agent for AXA PPP healthcare.

With this background, Ogilvy were given a mandate to make AXA the default term for insurance on the Maltese Islands. For more than seventy years, the predecessors of Atlas Insurance Agency had enjoyed significant year-over-year organic growth and significant value from investing in high-quality claims settlement to reassure the Maltese market.

To build on the service quality and the AXA brand, Ogilvy applied 360 Degree Branding in a comprehensive and systematic manner across all above-the-line national media, while utilising below-the-line campaigns targeted at databases held by the founding partners. Ogilvy helped propel the company from a locally owned agency to a nationally emerging brand in insurance with nationwide recognition.