Building a depositor base for Barclays.

Ogilvy Malta was selected by Barclays Offshore to re-engage the brand with the Maltese investor and work with their senior management team of Managing Director, John Church and Marketing Director, Bill Ashton.

Business, brand and marketing objectives were defined.

The Barclays brand was to become an evolving and enduring market icon that was to be clearly differentiated in its brand image from other local banks.

Three objectives were defined: to re-launch the brand, connect with the prospective investor and achieve high sales volumes.

The creative work was developed using imagery of British life relevant to Maltese and expatriate savers that was linked to the investment promise and the offer.

Throughout, the agency used imagery that conveyed British icons of power: Buckingham Palace and the Trooping The Colour, for example.

Ogilvy then researched the local Maltese-British heritage and featured this as part of the brand platform.

Result: In the first 18 months after campaign roll-out, revenues of almost €100,000,000 were achieved.