British American Tobacco

Ogilvy Malta has worked with British American Tobacco (BAT) on the Rothmans brand since 1999. Rothmans remains the largest FMCG brand in Malta with annual sales of Lm40 million. Ogilvy Malta is the sole brand custodian reporting to the IBG in London. The agency has spearheaded initiatives on consumer dialogue, new line extension development for the brand. Each assignment was a specialised project with high expectations from IBG. The Rothmans ‘IT Campaign’ was introduced in 2001 and played a positive role in the brand’s rejuvenation following the introduction of new packaging.

Ogilvy Malta’s challenge, however, was to refresh the campaign after 4 years, given the recent liberalisation and a flood of cheaper brands on to the market. Ogilvy Malta leveraged Rothmans credentials to reinvigorate the brand with a shortterm campaign to incentivise the existing franchise while driving segment interest. The campaign’s objectives were to build trial and volumes, and combat competitive activity. The “WIN IT” campaign focused on re-establishing this territory while putting the Rothmans brand at the centre of choice for Maltese smokers.

The campaign was launched in May 2005 for 10 weeks culminating in the Malta International Trade Fair with a draw for a luxury Mercedes saloon as first prize. The integrated campaign utilised outdoor media, promotional leaflets, point-of-sale and pack materials, a trade channel promotion together with the design and production of a purpose-built display stand.

The agency has been working on sponsorship, Consumer Dialogue including custom publishing and direct marketing as a well as the development of the new Rothmans’s variant and associated market tests.

– 400,000 entries.
– 20% response rate.
– Reinforcement of 
rothmans brand appeal 
as brand leader.


The Issue:

Another long-standing client, British American Tobacco (BAT) has worked with Ogilvy Malta on the Rothmans brand since 1999. BAT is the largest FMCG operator in Malta with annual sales of over €115 million. Past brand development work has included consumer dialogue, new line extension development for the brand, market research and specialised brand-activation work.

The Challenge:

The new Vogue Lilas cigarette brand was to target female smokers. Ogilvy assisted BAT in Malta in qualifying a database of female smokers and their profiles based on Silk Cut, Rothmans Red and Dunhill Light smoker profiles prior to the campaign. 2,400 consumers were mailed an invitation to apply for a surprise gift. A stylish pack designed in an orchid theme and colour values was sent to incentivise female smokers to do two things: trial the new Vogue variant and obtain an elegant item of jewellery in keeping with the brand‘s chic French identity.

The Campaign:

Prior to the launch, Ogilvy had run workshops with BAT sales teams, call centre personnel and distributors to ensure the success of the project. At Ogilvy’s recommendation, a Call Centre was established to take consumer responses via SMS, mobile or fixed line. The agency had also written both the Call Centre and SMS scripts to maximise consumer engagement and build the brand. Consumer dialogue like this is part of an ongoing strategy by Ogilvy. In fact, the first test bed was first put into operation in 2002. Vending machine panels and POP supported the campaign.


In eleven days, this new product offering had sold out,
based on a response rate of over 20%.