Citadel looking for value release.

The most frequent use of market research is probably to determine which tactics are, or are not, working within a communications programme, and by “working,” we mean contributing to the overall objectives in an efficient and effective way. Citadel Insurance plc. introduced some innovative new products during the course of the year and asked Ogilvy to manage the public relations elements of educating the market around the new product platform.

The Director of Corporate Communications demanded to see tangible results when allocating budgets. In order to determine what worked and what didn’t work, Ogilvy’s PR staff gathered over 400 local insurance-related articles that in an extensive content analysis exercise. Subsequently the Ogilvy team ran Focus Groups to identify which ones left  Maltese readers more or less likely to purchase insurance products, and whether it contained one or more of the company’s key messages.
All articles subsequently produced by Ogilvy to communicate the Citadel product lines contained key messages. On a cost-per-message communicated basis, the press campaign orchestrated by Ogilvy delivered about ten times the value.