Ogilvy were approached in May 2012 with a brief to launch the new deals website in the Maltese Islands providing consumers with a quick and easy purchasing experience – and a guaranteed bargain every time! The business launched on the back of a successful pitch on the Dragon’s Den TV show, was to go live on June 18, cultivating a national understanding of the benefits delivered by a deals website to a Mediterranean audience.


Ogilvy had 6 weeks to create a new brand, brand guidelines for all channel and trade partners, digital assets and a launch campaign using print and online channels, both paid and un-paid.


To resonate with a younger demographic it was decided to incorporate warm, friendly colours and some national pride in the form of a luzzu eye of osiris into the design base for the namestyle and identifier. All traditional Maltese boats have the eye painted on them over primary colour bands that extend around the boats. All materials would stream from this core identity, using bold colours and typography, and sunny positive messages. A positioning line was developed to encapsulate the brand essence – everyone loves a great deal.


Maltese fishing boats are derived from Phoenician vessels and are painted in vibrant hues of blue, red, yellow and green – they look a bit like a floating box of crayons. Ogilvy applied the colour sequence to every aspect of the brand identity and expression. This modern interpretation of an ancient Maltese tradition became the foundation for development of the website, the core asset of the business, sales collaterals, digital media and an online and offline advertising campaign supported by a press conference launch and extensive “personality” interviews to build interest in the site in the run up to launch. On launch day, all deals sold out.

THE RESULTS: Within a month of launch, supported by two competitions, the facebook page had over 2000 fans and several deals sold out, helping to seed the initial business plan. had become the first-visit site of thousands of bargain-hunters on a daily basis, and a brand that attracted interest from the top merchants in the Maltese Islands as a place where they could reach a new band of consumers.