Hotel Phoenicia

Rejuvenating an iconic brand and its portfolio.

When the Hotel Phoenicia Malta asked Ogilvy for help in redefining itself, we guided executives through complex brand decisions and the creation of a new brand platform for the 70-year old classic.

To counter a lack of differentiation and confused positioning of its brand in core feeder markets, Hotel Phoenicia’s management team asked Ogilvy to help with a comprehensive transformation that would include repositioning its signature brand, rethinking the brand strategy, and introducing three revised brands to its portfolio: Pegasus, Palm Court and Inspirations. An influx of global competitors alongside economic and cultural changes within Europe added to the challenges.

Senior executives asked Ogilvy to renew the focus of the Hotel Phoenicia brand. Ogilvy implemented a new brand architecture strategy targeted at different segments of the market.

Ogilvy refined the visual identity and clarified the brand positioning introducing the “Forever Phoenicia” concept as a timeless element across all strategic communications, internally and externally, while working alongside the HR department to re-write training manuals on-brand and introduce workshops that allowed staff to become conversant with interpreting the modified brand promise live with guests.

The core branding team at Ogilvy painstakingly engaged each stakeholder group – senior management, employees, partners, and guests – to instil confidence in the new strategy before launching internationally. Initial business indicators have been positive, with 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 record years in turn.