In February 2005 WPP Global ‘Team HSBC’ Leader Toby Hoare appointed Ogilvy Malta to trouble-shoot HSBC Malta’s commercial banking division (CMB).

CMB accounts for a substantial share of all banking services and products in Malta. After conducting market research, our departure point was to create a brand-essence funnel from which all strategy and creative would stream. This was the first time that CMB was to be perceived as a brand. Ogilvy Malta created a new positioning statement: “Supporting your ideas – personally”. To underscore this a 360-degree campaign, TV, radio, press, outdoor, branch posters, web and collaterals were launched which featured the customer as hero or heroine, an insight into their personal motivations and their business in a clear and dramatic way.

This new CMB communications platform was launched at the Hilton to all CMB staff at an event that built divisional understanding and morale. That positioning has evolved into “We understand that business is personal”. This current positioning underlines Ogilvy’s continual involvement with a number of CMB campaigns such as Micro-SME, Product & Services and the award of new responsibilities with the international campaign for Banking Centre in 2008.

RESULT: 16% increase in awareness. New campaigns have been
commissioned from CMB to build upon
this initial success.