Institute Of Directors

Directing Brand Promise

The Institute of Directors Malta Branch (IoD) commissioned Ogilvy Malta to assist and support a programme of event creation, education workshops, seminars and press activity to raise the profile of Corporate Governance in the Maltese Islands.

Strong Corporate Governance and transparency are critical for business success. For investors, good governance is a good indicator of well managed, resilient businesses. For companies, a measure of success is the ability to internalise the values, spirit and purpose behind governance rules.

With this in mind, Ogilvy began a decade long assignment working very closely with the IoD to ensure stakeholder engagement and to launch multiple initiatives to drive the Corporate Governance agenda in Malta. Working closely with key institutions and public sector partners, Ogilvy helped the IoD to attract the Commonwealth Corporate Governance Conference to Malta and culminated in attracting the 20th European Corporate Governance Conference to Malta under the umbrella of Malta’s EU Presidency, the largest Corporate Governance conference in Europe during 2017.