Jazz Cave


All our team at Ogilvy love good food and found this brand identity design for St. Julian’s restaurant the Jazz Cave very compelling. This assignment demonstrates Ogilvy creativity perfectly despite rushing to meet the 6-week deadline for a glittering VIP gala opening on September 24th with 10 acts flying in from all over the world to entertain the guests.

It doesn’t get much tastier than getting your teeth into a new brand identity project. Add into the mix that it’s the development of the branding for a new concept in the local culinary industry and we were salivating. Jazz Cave Restaurant is a relaxed and fun restaurant designed to please food, wine and music lovers. All their food is freshly prepared using authentic local ingredients.

We were invited by international restaurant entrepreneur Martin Al Hawary to develop the design work for all signage and interior murals, bathrooms and entrance. Martin was personally overseeing various elements of the project in it’s initial stages and a brand identity, signage design and e-menus were needed along with launch advertising and editorial features.
Ogilvy’s team were also engaged to create a database for the invitees for the VIP launch and to deliver a full house for the event. All invitations were delivered by hand and a Call Centre then cemented the relationship with each and every VIP using digital and social media. In the run up to launch a community of 2500 facebook fans was created by the Social@Ogilvy Team around the Jazz Cave Restaurant’s new facebook page.

Part of the initial design brief was to include murals that would transform the basement interior into a memorable and visually impactful setting and to enhance the stage by supplying a video and screen solution so that every diner could get a clear sight of all musicians and acts playing at the Jazz Cave Restaurant. Ogilvy suggested murals using illustration and bold colours, which were quickly approved by a delighted Jazz Cave team.

Here you can see the main brand identity, signage, e-menu and murals, as well as social media and the final design for some of the marketing materials.