JMV: Leading a Green Revolution in Malta’s Building Industry

What will the future look like? To make the kinds of changes that will drive a business forward, CEO’s know that investment and support from the top of their organisation will be required. The business case for brand change at JMV came after more than 5 decades servicing Malta’s construction industry; the company decided that sustainable building practices and value-added was the way forward and called Ogilvy in to redefine the brand that would make the market rethink building industry conventions to a greener, more environmentally-friendly construction industry.

Ogilvy arranged for JMV to be the platinum sponsor for the first international conference addressing a Sustainable Built Environment in Europe and the Mediterranean Region (SBE16) with a focus on different aspects of sustainability in the built environment. This is a topic that reflects JMV’s advocacy of green building products and their leading position as a green supplier to the construction industry. In parallel, Ogilvy prepared newspaper wrappers for all national newspapers to launch the new brand that articulated upgrades to JMV’s manufacturing process and their installation of rooftop PV panels that make the industrial process energy neutral.

JMV are the manufacturers of the EVG-3D® construction system which addresses issues like sustainability, eco-friendliness, environment friendliness, energy efficiency, and the reduction in health and safety risks at construction sites. The company’s product portfolio includes environmentally-friendly Isomat building materials, Ytong eco blocks and various types of wall insulation, insulated rooftiles and aerated concrete blocks. JMV also announced a partnership with the University of Malta‘s Department for Construction and Management, for research in Innovative Construction Materials and Eco-Products.

JMV’s thought-leadership developed by Ogilvy for the local construction industry focused on B2B as well as national media to include materials engineering for sustainable buildings, energy efficiency, urban regeneration, sustainable refurbishment, cultural heritage, renewable energy sources, intelligent buildings and education in sustainable construction. JMV’s sustainability credentials outlining their development pathway, green manufacturing and eco-portfolio articulated a compelling case to establish the new brand and its positioning within Malta’s construction industry to secure future earnings and increase market share keeping their brand relevant to maximise brand and business value and stay competitive – and profitable – in the long-term.