Malta Tourism Authority

Malta’s tourist industry provides a significant source of expenditure for the economy. In so doing, it acts as an economic pillar that develops many advantages such as job creation, regional support and small business growth. To help build a stronger, sustainable and internationally competitive Maltese tourism industry Ogilvy Malta were asked to communicate the core values of the new Brand Architecture to all segments of the market using proprietary Ogilvy 360 Degree Communication tools.

Linguistic research uncovered public misunderstandings that stemmed from inaccessible language and white noise created by difficult phraseology used in a number of previous campaigns. Ogilvy Malta conducted a workshop for stakeholders and organised a think-tank on the subject to create a new communications strategy to explain the repositioning of Malta’s tourism offering.

The subsequent brand communications campaigns were the first simultaneous internal and external branding campaigns to be developed for the MTA. The external pan-European campaign was launched in January 2007 in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Scandanavia and Russia using print, outdoor, transit, web, press, audio-visual and collaterals. The agency developed both brand advertising as well as a format that allowed for joint promotions with low cost carriers and other partners around the world.

All advertising sought to communicate the brand promise of visitor enrichment by bringing to life the core brand values of heritage, diversity and hospitality. The local and international trade endorsed this campaign proposal at EIBTM, the leading exhibition for the conference, incentives, events, business travel and meetings industry, towards the end of 2006.

A series of 3 television commercials were produced by Ogilvy Malta for the local market to articulate the core brand values in more emotional terms. Print and outdoor advertising focused on building credibility for those values. A second phase of communications went into production using testimonials of visitors to Malta. They explained ‘The Malta I Love’. Ogilvy Malta’s brand communications campaigns for the MTA sought to convey that Malta remains a welcoming, historically distinctive and culturally diverse tourist destination.

RESULT: By the end of March 2007, foreign visitor volume had increased 9.7% over the previous year and rose 6.8% over the first two quarters of 2007.