Ogilvy helps Malta to live the variety and drives healthy eating choices for a generation. In 2013, VOG launched a multi-channel push featuring a ‘Marlene’ talking tree character to encourage more families and kids to the apple brand. This case study looks at how Ogilvy Malta helped the food brand to become market leader by getting parents onside while encouraging kids to enjoy a healthy fruit. The campaign, “Live the variety”, brought a focus on all the different kinds of apple to be enjoyed. Marlene® has become an iconic brand from the South Tyrol, as well as being the number one Italian brand in the production and varieties of apples; sweet and juicy, red, yellow or green, Marlene® offers the right apple for every taste. Marlene® products are checked one-by-one and grown according to exacting production standards; handled with great care and passion, and with the utmost respect for the environment. Furthermore, all of the varieties of Marlene® apples have the PGI marking which means Protected Geographic Indication, certifying their origin from the South Tyrol.  Marlene® was established with the aim of promoting products from the Italian Alps under a single brand name, using the strong points of the brand: the great purity of the apples, grown in an unspoilt region, as is the case of the South Tyrol, and their constant freshness from the orchard to the shop. In short,guaranteed and superior quality compared with other apple varieties.

Marlene positions on healthy fun for everyone

Ogilvy Malta created a strategic campaign to run in two major cycles each year for 3 years that would be truly 360 degree in terms of brand delivery at touchpoints to run on TV, in cinema, on-air, onproduct, in-store, on-phone, social and online as well as engaging with the Maltese and Gozitan public through extensive sampling and brand activation to support competitions. In all, the campaign contained over 60 different pieces of creative across all channels, above, through and below-the-line.

It aimed to encourage everyone to eat healthy Marlene apples from the South Tyrol, through promotions featuring a singing apple tree character. The campaign was supported by in-store activity and POS. Selected retailers, including Arkadia, The Plaza, Main Street and Embassy hosted the Marlene Girls to encourage mall visitors to try the healthy fruit and take part in competitions. The Marlene Girls also visited selected sports events and festivals and allowed local people to sample the delicious Alpine apples.

On-pack activity was linked to a website where Marlene apple eaters could enter a number of competitions. In addition to showcasing the variety of apple options available with Marlene the campaign invited consumers to get involved and win a large range of very exciting prizes.

Marlene eaten by more Maltese families than ever before.

The campaign has seen  Marlene volume increase substantially year-on-year, with a +50% uplift across the last 6 campaign flights. By helping families to get healthy and encouraging them to make better food choices, the Italian apple brand reminded everyone that fruit can be a lot of fun, while parents could be reassured that they are still getting a nutritious snack.  Within three years of launch, the advertising has so far racked up millions of views collectively, with around 100,000 accepted entries into competitions.

Marlene gets the Ogilvy treatment

Ogilvy Malta began by researching Maltese consumption habits in-depth and searched for departure points in local culture to give the country’s favourite apple brand a renewed presence in the community.

As the new year began, the Marlene brand aimed to tap into health conscious parents with a new campaign designed to encourage the Maltese community to eat the recommended ‘five a day’ with a fun value-added twist.

“We know Maltese families still want to be reassured that they are making healthy choices and apples from the Italian Alps are one of the ways they can do that across the day,” said VOG’s Group Marketing Manager Kurt Ratschiller.

Case study summary:

• Fruit brand embarks on multi-platform campaign to promote healthy eating in a fun way, emphasising brand recognition tied to freshness, product origin and quality

• Amplified message by brand activation to push message to key consumer audiences using an Ogilvy brand activation team for sports facilities and POS

• Encouraged consumers to understand the product through competitions, getting valuable marketing data and customer loyalty as a result

• 500,000 views in just 3 weeks for online element to support national TV campaign, with plenty of social media interaction.