Through undertaking detailed research in the Maltese market, Ogilvy Malta discovered that consumers are very sensitive to new experiences and concepts. In order to build consumer engagement Ogilvy Malta recommended that Mentos pleasantly surprise Maltese and Gozitan consumers with new products, new flavours, new packaging and new product concepts that will help them enjoy “sweeter” moments in their lives. Ogilvy’s recommendations were to focus all the messaging on a key visual and to communicate new packaging and flavours to an under 25 target market. The resulting outdoor, print, online and mobile campaigns took the brand to the next level in the Malta market, winning thousands of new customers and reaching into a wider network of retail outlets across the Maltese Islands than ever before.

Ogilvy appointed to assist the world’s most innovative confectionery company.

Mentos has been refreshing people all over the world for  over 80 years, in over 100 countries. Mentos is an exceptionally fresh chewy mint that
comes in a great variety  of exciting mint and fruit flavours.
Its unique round shape combines taste, freshness and functionality. Mentos refreshing taste, unique shape and texture is also available in chewing gum.
Mentos Gum made its debut in Europe and beyond in many different flavours in 2005, and Ogilvy Malta were  appointed by Perfetti Van Melle to drive brand engagement amongst Maltese and Gozitan consumers.