Assessing identity after 70 years.

Ogilvy met with MMDNA’s Chair, Vice-Chair and management consultant to explore what benefits would accrue to re-interpreting MMDNA’s identity in the community as the organisation approaches its 70th anniversary.

Malta’s population demographics and the health problems we face as a society are changing rapidly. As a consequence, MMDNA required to take an innovative approach to health, care and support systems to meet the needs that arise from these changes. As more people live into older age the Maltese need services that support people to remain as well as possible for as long as possible within their own homes and communities. The ambition is to increase the healthy years of life and reduce the social isolation that many older people experience and improve the quality of their lives. MMDNA is pivotal to this.

MMDNA know that more care will be needed outside of Malta’s hospitals, in communities and in people’s homes, that it will involve sustained relationships to support people to manage their long term conditions.

Ogilvy in detailed research that spanned doctors, nurses, civil servants, patients, carers, MMDNA staff and Council as well as the general public, discovered that confidence in Maltese home nursing is founded on the enduring values and behaviours which demonstrate excellence in nursing pursued by MMDNA since 1945.

Ogilvy’s research definitively uncovered that MMDNA nursing services are a part of the profession, with a long history of providing high quality, complex care in community settings, including the care of some of Malta’s most vulnerable citizens and sometimes in extremely challenging environments. To undertake the wide variety of interventions carried out, MMDNA operations staff comprise nurses, midwives, carers and paramedics.

Ogilvy identified a need to raise the profile of MMDNA’s community specialist practitioner role and to promote home nursing as a dynamic career pathway for nurses who wish to make a tangible and positive impact on the quality of the patients’ and carers’ lives in the communities they serve.

Ogilvy created an MMDNA home nursing brand with a new graphic and verbal identity. Ogilvy also launched a range of strategic initiatives around the 70th anniversary, materials ranging from online to printed-publications, as well as PR materials, to re-position and refresh MMDNA’s identity amongst key stakeholders.