Oral B brush up on the Malta market

The development of the latest generation of Oral-B toothbrushes led to Ogilvy being engaged to educate Maltese consumers on the benefits of CrossAction Power to develop a market position for one of the world’s leading oral care brands.

Through consumer research, Ogilvy recommended that Oral-B CrossAction Power is launched as a battery-powered toothbrush that brings the patented CrissCross bristle technology of CrossAction to the power toothbrush segment, delivering more cleaning action in every stroke.

CrossAction Power was Gillette’s first product introduction in the entry-level battery toothbrush segment in Malta, the fastest growing sector in the physical oral care market. The new CrossAction provided the opportunity to trade manual users up to the battery segment, and in market testing proved the ideal entry vehicle to Gillette’s premium rechargeable toothbrushes but at a price point under €10, making it the most technologically advanced battery toothbrush available at this price point.

Ogilvy’s creative focused on how the new CrossAction Power delivers more cleaning action in every stroke to provide an overall feeling of clean that goes beyond a manual toothbrush. In Maltese consumer use tests, nearly 80% of manual toothbrush users stated that CrossAction Power is better than their current manual toothbrush.