Ogilvy is a creative agency and our Creative Teams are responsible for conceptualising, writing, visualising, illustrating, photographing and laying out promotional and functional materials for a range of brands and business. Ogilvy’s Creative Studio design television storyboards, logos, advertisements, newspaper wrappers, packaging, brochures, web banners, posters, websites, mobile apps, fliers, websites and anything else involved in a marketing mix. We help brands find a creative voice through considered design, impactful photography, gripping video and vivid storytelling.

Ogilvy Creative Studio handle creativity from ideation to final production. Call Ogilvy now on (+356) 9968 5191 or (+356) 9920 7677 for bespoke creative solutions and beautiful design that gets results and makes the cash register ring.


Ogilvy’s Creative Teams are often tasked with Design Development projects where the team is working on improving previous design solutions. This frequently happens in retail or office spaces, as well as on brand identities, logos and packaging. Design Development typically covers application of brands to buildings, exteriors, signage, work environments and to retail. The resulting visualisation is often photo-montaged as perspective visuals or details prior to approving a full design commission. Packaging is mocked-up and presented as 3D design prototypes. Ogilvy maintains a strong belief in bringing brands to life within the workplace and have undertaken dozens of projects to refresh and re-energise consumer, FMCG, service and B2B brands. Ogilvy explore possibilities and constraints by focusing critical thinking skills to research and define problems for existing products or services, or the creation of new categories, by applying strong design solutions.

Ogilvy Creative Studio brings visual form to ideas and concepts. Call Ogilvy now on (+356) 9968 5191 or (+356) 9920 7677 to use the power of design to change your business.