Design. The unexploited strategic weapon in a company’s arsenal. We use design as a competitive weapon. We use design to build greater standout for our clients in their crowded, noisy markets. Because it serves as an ambassador of company quality.  We use design to differentiate our clients’ product, service or brand by making it easier for the customer to trust them and choose them versus their competitor’s offerings. We help new start-ups to engage with their markets and customers more quickly by creating their corporate, product, service or brand identities, threading that identity through their marketing and communications programmes.

We use design to generate an image of a professional, resourceful company in the minds of your customers, shareholders and stakeholders. To do that, we need to be resourceful and professional. That’s why our design team is passionate about design and the written word. For those of you that are passionate about your brands, companies and products, we have a menu of design strategies and disciplines for you to choose from. These disciplines include signage, information systems, website design, brochures, events and packaging to corporate and brand identity. But you’ll find no single design ‘process’ or silver bullet that works for all projects. That’s because all our work is bespoke. And we’ve been creating it and delivering it for almost 70 years.

Design is a corporate advocacy tool,
if you know how to create it
and manage it.

David Ogilvy

So we can take the management responsibility for acting as your out-sourced marketing department. We offer clarity, up-front costs and a service that’s driven by prioritising what you need to get done first. Businesses face challenges every day. Businesses just like yours. But what if you could begin to address your business challenges using design and design processes? Innovate new products? Improve your services? Or simply develop better ways for your team to work together? Ogilvy Malta’s ‘Business Design’ programme aims to help you with all of this. Our programme will give you and your business a deeper understanding of design in all its guises, and help you to unlock its full potential.

We’ve got a great combination between seniors and recent graduates. Driven by innovation, creativity and quality of service, our passion is applying design to brand-building that adds to the bottom-line. We help every client and every brand we work with to transform and activate their brands as a strategic asset for their business success and sustainability. As Shelley Lazarus, Chairman Emeritus at Ogilvy says, “A brand is the single biggest asset any business can own.” We embrace that position and transfer our dedication to brands in the service of clients. We want your business, big or small, to be part of our exciting design journey. If you’re looking for a design company that acts as a creative partner to your business going forward, call Marcus at Ogilvy in Santa Venera on (+356) 9920 7677 today or email:

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