360 Degree Brand Stewardship®
What has always defined Ogilvy & Mather around the world is its ability to build brands.

The difference is that building brands today requires a keen understanding of how new communications technology, new channels, and vibrant creativity combine. This is a world where the consumer is now in control and consumer insight is paramount. Marketing is all about knowing the customer and potential customers.

A contemporary outlook and true cultural attunement are much more important in a world where there is a new mandate for our business. That mandate is integrated communications and our response, what we call 360 Degree Brand Stewardship® , means a willingness to use the broadest array of tools and techniques to understand, develop and enhance the relationship between a consumer and a brand.

Ogilvy is a full service creative agency with the ability to handle every aspect of marketing, branding, advertising and PR. Having a marketing strategy can be life or death for a business. Ogilvy help you get started with developing a marketing strategy for your business and writing a formal marketing plan.

From market research to positioning and Marketing Plan preparation to execution. Ogilvy give you results. We work as part of your team to create an effective brand marketing strategy that fits your budget and builds your customer base. Ogilvy Malta become seamless in the team, helping to define and achieve goals.

Attracting customers is only the first step to any marketing strategy. Interaction and loyalty building is key. Marketing in the digital age is all about engagement and this is where the Ogilvy 360 Degree® brand-building approach comes into its own right. In every channel, at every consumer touchpoint.

Marketing Research

TNS Global Broadcast Media Audience Share Report; MMDNA Perceptions in the Community Study; Maltapost UNEX Postal Study and Report; TNS Global Elasticity of Pricing Research; BPTO Study and Report; Estetika Mystery Shopper; VOG Brand Positioning and Consumer Product Preference Study

Digital Promotions Engines for Websites and Social Media Pages

  • Engaging offers which fuel transactions
  • Sponsorship Activation Campaigns made easy
  • Weekly promotions offering customers the chance to get rewarded

The platform is focused on helping entities offer engaging promotions which are powered by the outcome of a sports match.  The technology assists by utilising the passion of fans to drive transactions. It works in such a way that links the on-pitch performance of a team to the potential reward a customer can receive.

The digital widget and associated code also allows any brand, sports team or organisation to add real value to sponsorship partnerships by reinforcing the closeness of the relationship. Through their technology sponsors can run a sponsorship activation campaign for a football team or a football tournament, which they sponsor, with ease.