Be one of the one percent!

“99% of advertising doesn’t sell much of anything.” David Ogilvy

Building the right communications and quality of communications for your brand depends on the quality of the communications company you keep.

All brands require a range of communications platforms to effectively communicate with their customers. Platforms like mobile and web advertising, Facebook engagement campaigns, Google ad words, TV, traditional print, outdoor, radio, SMS, social media and mobile marketing.

Ogilvy Malta adds value to your brand and product communications by ensuring that you are given the right quality of marketing and communication solutions to fit your business strategy. Not the wrong ones. That’s why our clients fall into the one percent bracket.

Once a brand’s creative work is signed off, Ogilvy Malta begins the media planning process. This means securing the best position within the targeted media at the best price for our clients. The main goal of media buying is to achieve the greatest amount of value by negotiating the best placement of the advertising at the best cost. This optimises investment and increases brand margins.

Given the current economic climate, Ogilvy Malta appreciate the importance of delivering value on brand media investment. Campaigns are effective when the right weight and targeting of media is used. Nowadays we use a lot of tracking technology, along with GRP calculations and Effective Frequency Ratios as support tools in the media planning process.

Ogilvy’s Media Planner focuses on understanding what media a brand’s target customer views, reads, watches, interacts with or hears to develop a strategic plan of relevant advertising opportunities. With the increased fragmentation of media channels and unfettered consumption of media by consumers, Ogilvy utilises a more holistic and integrated approach to placing a brand’s message.

As a significant media buying operation, Ogilvy Malta leverage brand investments to negotiate optimal terms on behalf of our clients. Our people also have deep expertise and relationships within the media enabling us to further drive value. Often this plays out in additional exposure and value-added packages from the media.

Ogilvy Malta is part of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide’s network of over 500 advertising agencies. We can build your brand to make it part of that one percent of advertising that sells. For more information on how, contact Marcus Ward on (+356) 9968 5191 or Edwin Ward on (+356) 9920 7677 or email

Ogilvy make your brands visible in a crowded market

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” David Ogilvy

With an invigorated Maltese economy and buoyed business confidence, we are seeing a positive advertising market in Malta. Growth in the advertising industry continues to align to GDP, and digital remains the pace-setter; in fact we estimate that across 2011-2016, digital added two ad euros to TV’s fifty cents. Keeping pace with this rate of change and investment into digital is high on Ogilvy Malta’s agenda as we move into 2017 and beyond; it is digital that is creating the most challenges and opportunities locally.

In 2011 we started answering this challenge with the launch of Social@Ogilvy Workshops which were taken up by many blue-chip companies including the likes of Farsons in a two day session with over 25 of their senior brand and marketing managers, unit CEO’s and PR people; in 2016 we redesigned our digital services function focusing on digital media buying, technology, data, messaging and the development of a number of digital communication programmes.

In Malta, Ogilvy provides access to services such as online video (The Malta Times, TVM, Malta Today, The Malta Independent), as well as continuing to push smart partnerships and technologies that give our clients distinct advantages. Starting with individual client communication needs across media to take brands to the market, our scale will benefit our clients in delivering value, never more so than in a very competitive market. Ogilvy Malta’s media buying focuses on securing those media advertising opportunities at the best position and price for the brand.

With increased demand comes increased media pressure and this year we are seeing some media houses aggressively looking to rebalance their offering. Ogilvy Malta provide significant and tangible competitive advantage to all our clients in planning and buying media, across all media channels. In this environment, we look forward to supporting all our clients with the passion and hard work their brands deserve.

Ogilvy Malta is part of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide’s network of over 500 advertising agencies. We can build your brand to make it part of that one percent of advertising that sells. For more information on how, contact Marcus Ward on (+356) 9968 5191 or Edwin Ward on (+356) 9920 7677 or email

Ogilvy Malta is dedicated to forging competitive brand advantage for businesses. Our Media Unit oversees the media investment management sector comprising media planning, media buying and media analytics thereby delivering both strategic and trading excellence.

Mass media has made information available to more Maltese citizens, expats and visitors more quickly, and it has enabled brands to spread their innovative ideas much farther than they would have been if there were no mass media. Local media have helped to build communities, interest groups and exposures of various publics and consumer clusters to brands and their messaging.

Social media helps people, including the younger generation, to learn to network and navigate personal relationships with brands and brand marketers.

Ogilvy use Brand Disposition Funnels and Brand Tracker proprietary tools to evaluate the impact which specific media have with their respective audiences.

As David Ogilvy always said: “We Sell. Or Else.”

Communications quality from Ogilvy Malta: Your brand’s reputation may depend upon it.

“Most advertising promises nothing. It is doomed to fail in the marketplace. A promise is not a claim, or a theme or a slogan. It is a benefit to the consumer.” David Ogilvy

By combining creativity with design, technology and cost-efficiency, Ogilvy offers your brand communications quality, value-for-money and fast delivery to market. With digital, Ogilvy transforms how brands engage their most important people. We apply a people-first, data-driven, campaign mindset on behalf of bold brand ambitions and transformative brand missions.

People engage with their wallets, with their time, with their clicks and posts and tweets. By re-imagining brand relationships with their most important supporters and customers, we help our clients transform their businesses and scale their impact.

For us, this isn’t just work. The campaigns we create, insights we unravel, the platforms we build are all about real impact for brands. To bridge the digital divide. To redefine how business is done. Online and across digital media. With digital imagery, software projects, digital video, recordings, email campaigns, USB’s, multi-media, information, infographics, games, websites, social media, databases, ebooks, presentations, newsletters, banners, slides, content, audio, SEO, viral, mp3 and mp4.

We bring brands to life through digital strategy, digital creativity, digital production and digital execution.

Ogilvy Malta is part of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide’s network of over 500 advertising agencies. We can build your brand to deliver benefits to today’s modern consumer. For more information on how, contact Marcus Ward on (+356) 9968 5191 or Edwin Ward on (+356) 9920 7677 or email

Social@Ogilvy is a global, cross-discipline team of social experts from across all of Ogilvy’s businesses. We know there’s a new customer and stakeholder journey defined by the increasing impact our networks have on purchase decision and our behaviours We design integrated social solutions that combine deep disciplines like CRM, public relations and shopper marketing and rooted in what drives behaviour.

This shift is happening in one way or another all over the world. That’s why we have grown a local team delivering solutions relevant to the local market. We are a marketing network with a common approach. And it’s more than just marketing, we design social business solutions that use the collaboration and advocacy strengths of social media to drive value internally and in customer relationships while at the same time managing risk.

We believe…

Fully integrated solutions for a new customer/stakeholder journey
A global shift calls for a dedicated network of Social Media strategists
Social Business Solutions can drive customer and internal value across the enterprise.

We are one of Malta’s leading Social Media Marketing strategists. If you want us to work for you – or if you’d like to pick our brains on what we could do for your brand – give us a call on (+356) 9968 5191 or (+356) 9920 7677.

We offer state-of-the-art brand design to help you to greet your customer base with a bespoke website where functionality and content are tailored around Content Management Systems that power brand muscles as the core of a rich online consumer experience.

Looking for a complete web design overhaul? Or just to refresh your existing look and feel?
Explore our expert web design and development services to see how we can help you to succeed.

In addition, we provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make sure your brand is properly positioned online.

Today Every Business Needs eCommerce.

Ogilvy Malta are specialists in seamless, multichannel engagement with customers before, during and after purchase. For us eCommerce is about more than the transaction, it’s an opportunity to extend awareness, unlock demand and build lasting customer preference.

We Sell, or Else.

David Ogilvy famously said, “We sell, or else.” Today, the opportunity for brands in the eCommerce space is immense. We are uniquely positioned to deliver on the promise of our founder through our expertise in Customer Engagement.

Our global agency network allows us to partner with the best and the brightest in UX and UI, mobile application development, and end-to-end technical consulting and delivery. Key partnerships with other Ogilvy companies have continued to build our portfolio of offerings.

In today’s complex and challenging retail environment eCommerce gives another dimension to the customer experience journey. To take the next step, contact Marcus Ward on (+356) 9968 5191 or Edwin Ward on (+356) 9920 7677 or email

Digital technology makes it easier for your customers to engage with your brand. It all depends on how you use it. We help you use the latest channels to connect with your audience – from simple electronic communications to local area networks that can talk to customers via Bluetooth.

Ogilvy increases the value and effectiveness of CRM solutions to help clients use data and creativity to build engaging customer experiences. We’ve been pioneers in delivering creative and personalised messages, support and information to build lasting customer relationship management solutions for clients.

Dialogue doesn’t always take words. Tools, experiences, platforms – and, yes, apps – can be worth a thousand banner ads. As Google and Facebook have shown, when you make something useful, people will come back.

A true end-to-end CRM strategy includes integration with marketing automation, ERP, or other purpose built technologies. We strive to achieve full integration between your applications to maximise your technology investments. We partner with leading technology companies to provide the best CRM integration services.

So whether it’s loyalty programmes, a new sales enablement platform, improving frequency of contact with customers, reseller programmes or managing the brand disposition funnel, Ogilvy Malta are able to get personal with your audience.

Start talking about engagement by calling Marcus Ward on (+356) 9968 5191 or call Edwin Ward on (+356) 9920 7677 to redesign the promotional architecture that separates your brand from your competitors.