PG Tips

Despite a number of well-known television appearances by the famous TV Chimps and the claymation ‘Tea-Birds’ since its first appearance in 1997, England’s No.1 brand of tea was perceived as a commodity with little brand differentiation in the Malta market.

The overwhelming majority of Maltese tea drinkers purchase the same brand with little incentive to switch brands. The category was promotions-led encouraging short-term volumes with some 97% of drinkers considered not to be brand loyal despite the presence of major brands like Ty-Phoo and Tetley.

Key learnings from focus group activity set up by Ogilvy Malta provided the agency with the insight that identified the consumer as a female drinker aged between 20 – 30 years old and with less entrenched attitudes to black tea and a propensity to switch tea brands. Furthermore, this focus group activity led the agency to use a distinctive and differentiated feature of the PG Tips brand – the pyramid-shaped tea bag that allows hot water to circulate through the tea leaves more efficiently than its flat tea bag competitor.  In doing so, a PG tea bag develops a greater taste benefit for the consumer than its flat-bagged competitors. Given this key differentiator, a repositioning of the brand was identified by Ogilvy Malta and approved by Unilever’s London office.

The agency developed a communications platform  (‘More Room, More Taste’) that was fed through a 360-Degree communications campaign. The Brand Challenge was to increase trial and penetration of PG Tips amongst Maltese tea drinkers and increase loyalty to the brand amongst the target demographic. 35% of the budget fell to TV to drive the campaign and build the necessary awareness levels.

It was used to drive the other campaign initiatives and to build increased share-of-voice versus competitor spends. Selected communications channels engaged the consumer at key touchpoints. A number of trade channels were also utilized to drive the campaign through retailer channels with a promise of high television awareness to support mailed sampling, coupon redemption and encourage trial.

Ogilvy Malta organized a team  of merchandisers to undertake retail sampling. National roll-out took effect in October 2005 during the key winter months when tea is drunk indoors more frequently.

RESULTS: A 35% increase in awareness levels according to a tracker study implemented just 8 weeks after campaign roll-out.