The strategy for revitalisation: Spread as the business model for growth.

Sales of Philadelphia brand cream cheese were pretty much flat, mature or decline stage when Ogilvy Malta were asked by Kraft Dubai to analyse the competitive opportunities and to report on Maltese consumer behaviour and preferences.

Ogilvy researchers noticed that heavy users of the product were using cream cheese as an ingredient in their cooking reflecting the brand advertising in the market. The vast majority were, however, not using the product at all.

Ogilvy understood that market brand advertising depicting cooking with Philadelphia did not meet with the product lifecycle stage and recommended the introduction of spread-based advertising to grow volume and reinvigorate the Philadelphia brand franchise. Not simply as a spread for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, or a quick and tasty evening snack but also highlighting the convenience of spread for busy families together with its SKU variant taste attributes.

Starting with brand activation, shelf highlighters, ambient advertising and advertising positioned in media close to supermarket and grocery outlets Ogilvy tapped into under-realised market potential. The share of customers using Philadelphia cream cheese as spread, the effective repositioning, almost doubled – and sales were up 30% within 150 days of campaign launch.