Snowhite The Loundry

 A lasting and treasured reminder of 60 years in business.

Snowhite Laundry is Malta’s leading commercial laundry, with a large presence in the hospitality industry. Snowhite employ almost 150 people in a state-of-the-art facility containing multi-million euro tunnel washers and sophisticated automated folding and packing machinery. In 2015, Snowhite were celebrating their 60th anniversary and approached Ogilvy to help them celebrate and communicate this milestone anniversary.

Ogilvy’s challenge was to build a communications platform for the 60th anniversary, develop a logo and strapline for use across all marketing collateral, upgrade the website and design a prestigious newspaper wrapper to commemorate the anniversary.

Ogilvy created a distinctive and memorable logo and an accompanying strapline for the anniversary which Snowhite could use across the entire organisation, with Directors, Senior Managers, line staff and service personnel. This 60th anniversary identity was then developed further for use online and in the national media, as well as for specialist industry publications. Ogilvy also developed editorial for distribution to national media and niche trade publications.

This 60th anniversary identity appeared on everything from marketing collateral to social media, and in conjunction with this, Ogilvy designed a newspaper wrapper which will be a lasting and treasured reminder of 2015. This was personally mailed to hospitality industry executives from a run-on during the production process.

Ogilvy has that rare combination of listening and actually ‘hearing’ what the problem is: being creative, but also pragmatic and able to deliver on-time and on-budget.

Wesley Debono Snowhite Laundry, CEO