Brand rejuvenation as a specific form of repositioning.

After 10 successful years of building a studio in Graz, Austria, Yuna consulted with Ogilvy Malta on how to refresh and internationalise their brand. The first step was to research the business model and look at how to diversify brand revenues.

Ogilvy mapped a new brand platform and then designed a new brand identity to appeal to both Germanic and English-speaking markets.

Yuna’s new identity was expressed in a 76-page manual and Ogilvy recommended that all communication going forward should be produced in English-language, and modified partially in dual-language for German-speaking markets.

As part of the brand diversification Ogilvy created a range of merchandise to be sold from Yuna studios, a brand franchise concept for internationalisation of the brand, introduced a new online product called ‘Space’ to generate additional incremental revenue, and supported the relaunch of the brand at an event in Kitzbühel attended by more than a thousand people.

Merchandise sales hit a 10-year high while revenue from new sources contributed an additional 36% to operating revenue.